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photoshop silliness

It started off as an ambitious idea of working on portfolio over winter break. It turned into an attempt to sum up my year in a jumble of images. Images of people I met, stuff I helped make, things that inspired me, cities, mountains, and woods that I loved. The result is an incohesive collage that is hilarious only to me.

A brief tour through what was once an elevation of a community arts center and now a billboard for displaying pictures of my life. As you can see famous architects and former studio TAs have taken over the balconies of the building (along with Harriet, Renee, and Jack the dog), meanwhile a caravan of camel scale figures en route to their makeshift shelters ascend the ventilator building on a series of ramps made of leaves. West of building is San Francisco, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. At the center, Arquitectonica buildings dominate the landscape as Rebecca and I jump for joy because we’re finally done with those elevations. On the east side, Liz(a) and I dance in Delaware woods, our studio apparently in New York points to our sites, as Ira snaps pictures of the city or beautiful models (it’s unclear which).

Obviously, only a tiny fraction of my year is represented here (that faction being the one I could easily find going through my friends’ facebook albums). The whole other part consists of hours spent in studio many of them laughing, reading the new yorker, summer romances, running, polding, journeys to toscanini’s for russian caravan tea, not enough sleep, writing, stress, blogs, daydreams, music, too much time on facebook, champions league and euro 08, eating expensive food, being young and relatively carefree. In retrospect, it was fun.

[Photo Credits: Tiffany, Jasmin, Liz, Ruifeng, Rebecca. Others Credits: Anna – junk models, Jack – lasercutting camel figures, Arquitectonica]

fresh air

Where I’d rather be than cold, grey Boston:

by the seaside in australia  /


the front lawn /


just anywhere I can be outside and barefoot

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