La Copa: Parte 2

The Holland – Brazil match today left us all wanting for some more jogo bonito (in the first half) and complete football (in the second half). Finally, there were the inspired moments of brilliant passing and fluid plays from two teams that are expected to do so every time they step on the pitch.

Despite playing their best halves of the tournament so far, they both managed to be needlessly irritating. Who was more obnoxious depends only on who side you were on. Robinho turned into a cursing machine who went off anytime Arjen Robben went down. Robben ended up on the floor clutching some random part of his body every time a Brazilian approached him at a crucial moment.

Robinho, yelling his head off for the nth time during the match.

Despite my penchant for balding midfielders with their hair shaved off (like Zidane), Robben has proven himself to be worse than Cristiano in his early years. While Cristiano sat on the ground like a helpless 3 year-old, Robben falls dramatically with arms failing followed by punching the ground with his fist as if in great pain. Perhaps he took this intensive one day course.

Robben's reaction after the Brazilian defender failed to make contact.

The worse heartbreak in soccer is when a genuinely brilliant player consistently cheats the game. Luckily, before I lost all hope, Sarah sent me this Nike commercial from 2002. It features the chicken dance move, the scorpion move, Ronaldihno with better hair, and all-around soccer merriment.

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