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“get zen about boredom”

This post should probably be about scarpa, the scarfas, italy, spain, shun kanda, machia, lucia and etc., but that post is hard to write. This one is simpler.

Last night, after a long hiatus, I resumed my duties as official dishwasher and kitchen cleaner of the apartment. My mother stood along side giving useful (but unnecessary!) comments about how I should arrange the dishes on the dish rack, where the pots should go, exactly how to clean off the stove, number of times to wipe the table. After feeling quite tortured, I sat down and read this blog post by Sophie Ward which made me smile despite my irritation with all of it.


I realize I will live for approximately 80 more summers; I will be sunburnt again, will need to protect my skin and eyes again, will get hungry again, have other chances again. I will need to make more dinners, go to the store to buy more food, on many more occasions. I will clean the fridge again, suffer through sadnesses again, get to ride the carousel again. Cars will break down again, clothes will wear out again. Trees will die. Plants will die. Containers of yogurt will grow low. Sores and pains and forgotten waters will be remembered.

There is no use, I realized, in flustering over the repression, depression, recession, the non-succession of sustenance – because it will always ask replenitude. The sun doesn’t stop being potent just because you’ve put sunscreen on a billion times before. Even when we’re 70 we’ll still be performing the same actions we did when we were young. Life doesn’t change its rules, we change, and then get mad when we have to fit into the routine hot-rod habits, of refilling and refueling and reapplying and relearning. All the more reason to get zen about boredom. Scrub that sink, enjoy the process of protecting your health and home-cooking, it must take up about 60 percent of one’s life time: next to sleeping and waking = replenishing.

So, that is my vision. A replenivision.

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