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carolina one day, someday

This week in two chapters: Food and Television.


I. Food
Food lasted from Saturday noon to Wednesday noon at Davidson College, a period of four days when I did not stop eating except to go out in a catamaran*, lay in hammocks, and read Outlander. I think the quality (and need) of snacking rises whenever I visit Liz or Sarah.

Most memorably, it consisted of brussel sprouts with garlic and sage, a salad of navel oranges, beets, candied walnuts, and goat cheese (which we made in 30 minutes to serve 16 people!), cherry tomatoes sweeter than any I’ve ever had in Boston, honey nut cream cheese, homemade bread, homemade grilled pizza, Cheerwine (southern cherry coke), drinks at Summit, lots of tea and grits. Grits are always the highlight whenever I go anywhere south of New Jersey. It is like the oatmeal of the South, but oatmeal doesn’t compare to how satisfying grits are. Perhaps I am partial to them because they tend to be salty and not sweet, but I think the texture of small fine grains is just more appealing than the large mass of mush that is oatmeal.

A thought as I left Davidson — three places I really wish I felt more comfortable and competent: in the kitchen, outdoors, and on a bike.

*our catamaran was not as intense as those in the wiki, but they were cooler. we had a pair of clipper canoes rigged with bamboos. and by we, i mean other people did most of the work and i helped.

Part deux of my trip took place in Charlotte where my aunt and uncle live. There was plenty of food involved here too, mainly Beijing duck and too many servings of fatty pork (I love Chinese food), but the television made it memorable. The first night was spent playing wii sports. I was most dominant in bowling and abysmal in boxing. While playing tennis, I am fairly certain I strained an arm muscle. I then realized that playing wii sports has nothing to do with form. It’s only about getting the most accerleration out of your remote which allows you to play most wii sports while sitting comfortably on the couch and flicking your wrist. Our second night was taken up by my first viewing (ever) of Star Wars – Episode 4 and 5. They were epic and I am in love. The plot is (I lack the word to describe the diviness and epicness of it), the characters are amazing, and Harrison Ford has never looked better. I completely believe in Star Wars.

iii. back north
The only disappointing thing about this spring break is that it was not at all captured in photos. I miss the days when we would document our afternoons/late nights with too many photos that took up enormous portions of our hard drive and could not bring ourselves to delete. But this is what blogs are for? Capturing in a pile of words rather than pictures? Also, i can’t tell if it’s obnoxious that I linked everything.My blog is in a constant state of identity crisis.

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