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design for flu season

It’s strange that I have not had a serious fever for so long (middle school? elementary school?) that I thought I was immune. Obviously this is not the case since I am officially in ‘self-isolation’ mode for flu at the moment.

The best things to come out of this experience so far are 1 – I’m being asked to drink ginger ale and 2 – super sweet disposable thermometers from 3M. Given the terrible state of hospital decor (terrible patterned/textured draperies, gloomy lighting, strange spotted linoleum), the 3M thermometers were the sole bright spot in my afternoon at MIT medical yesterday.


The red dots turn to blue dots are the thermometer goes into your mouth. Each line is a degree (i.e. 95, 96) and each dot is a .2 degree increment. The blue dots are filled in more uniformly when it first comes out of your mouth.

Sleek, compact, and legible. 3M is doing it all with Tempa.DOT.  This makes me want to take my temperature every 4-6 hours like they said.

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