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it’s better if you put it on wheels

The mission for this January was a furniture design/build. Considering how damn cold it is in to work in a garage in Western Massachusetts during January, I think plenty was accomplished.

Project 1: Mechanic’s Workstation
The proposal was a redesign of the storage system and the work surfaces. The storage system consists of two carts, one for heavily used tools which could be wheeled around the work area easily and another for storage of less commonly used ones. Both fit into bays under the work surfaces. To take advantage of the flood of daylight in the industrial loft space, we designed a panel with a gradient of circle perforations (dimensions were based on manufactured hole saws). Specified materials were birch plywood and 2×4 lumber.

A rendering of the perforated panel (that was done by Robert) and the L-shaped bench design

Project 2: Architect’s Workstation
We took in consideration the needs of a 21st century architecture student: spaces for digital and physical work, storage for our multitude of design books, security for our ever increasing amount of electronics. Also, there are more traditional needs such as storage for T-squares, plots, oversized rulers, rolls of trace that are usually not accommodated by conventional furniture.

The design consists of three parts: digital cockpit (the main work surface has screen, laptop, book storage), electronics cartridge (a rolling cabinet for the computer, scanner, other electronics that can be taken home during vacations), and modeling station (a cart with a higher surface, fits a 18″x24″ cutting mat, storage for modeling tools and other oversized things)

We were never quite happy with the design and have not finished building it, but we will! The modeling station is not in any of these photos.

This is a separate piece of furniture that was previously made so that we could work wherever we wanted like next to the fireplace. Notice the circular cut out that the body fits into. We kept the cockpit idea for the larger desk as well. Also, I am not at the height of my fashion prowess here. We ran out of oil and it was cold!

The desk at the moment. Robert made the dramatic bookshelf sometime last year. The idea is to make a bunch of storage trays for the space below the shelf

The cartridge has a pull out tray for the scanner. We zipped tied the scanner to the slide out portion.

Project 3:
A lockable book shelf for Robert’s studio. I contributed to the design and none of the construction for this one. I demanded that all the horizontal surfaces be plexi and I think I was right. This is finished except for a plexiglass door. The green in the back is a scrap piece of zip wall.

Bolting casters onto the bottom surface. It's more fun if it can be rolled around and much easier to transport, obviously.

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