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ongoing: architecture jargon magnetic poetry project (ajmpp)

earlier this semester at an Course 4 Resource Council meeting (aka 4RC=ma), someone, probably Bill McKenna, said “wouldn’t it be hilarious if they made magnetic poetry out of architecture words that everyone uses by no one understands like ‘fabric’ or ‘juxtapose?’ since then, a few of us have decided that it would indeed be hilarious and started compiling a list of jargon that make you think ‘damn, I don’t know a thing about architecture’

anyway, the end goal is for us to be able to string together sentences like:
the concept of city as cellular is the anti-idea of CIAM‘s socialist discourse on urbanism which in practice is quite disturbing.

little substance, a lot of jargon, you get the idea.

oh, and we will customize it to MIT with words like AVT, RPL, Meejin etc.

the words will all be printed in the helvetica font, so pre-order now and we will send it sometime before I graduate. maybe.

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